The 6 Figure Confidence Club by Abigail Rogers

The 6 Figure Confidence Club

If you really want to make lasting changes - if you really want to achieve your dreams
- your subconscious is where it starts.

The 6 Figure Confidence Club is for you if you're an exceptional woman who wants to develop an exceptional mindset to help you achieve your dreams.

I'm looking forward to helping you find out what the future holds!

Is it right for me?

What do you want from your life?  If you could have anything at all - what would it be?

I help women in business create the confidence they need to build the life of their dreams - whether that means earning 6 figures, building an audience of 600... or 60,000... or just being 6 times more consistent and focused so you can show up and take the action you know you need to take but keep putting off.

You bring the ambition, I'll bring the tools to help you get your mindset in a place to make it happen.

I get it.  You've done a ton of self-development. You've downloaded all the freebies. Everyone else seems to be getting out there and making it happen... so why can't you?

The problem lies with one, simple thing - your subconscious mind.  When you know how to make shifts that can unlock the limiting beliefs you didn't even know you had... that's when the magic happens.

You stop worrying, procrastinating, self-sabotaging and comparing.

You start being able to move forward decisively.

You push your boundaries and amazing things start to happen.

I've done it for myself. And I'm absolutely passionate about helping you to live your best life, on your terms.

I'd love to welcome you to if:

  • You really do want to make changes in your life, you're keen to understand why you've been struggling so far and have the commitment to succeed 
  • You're ready to grow and become the person you really ARE, free from the things that have been holding you back
  • You're tired of just surviving - you want to overcome limiting beliefs and build a life you really love
  • You want to be part of a supportive, growing community; you're happy to share your journey and support others, too
We'll work together at a manageable pace that fits in with your life, however busy. 

You'll benefit from:

  • Daily prompts and exercises to help keep your focus positive, problem-solving & abundant
  • Strategies & insights to help you develop resilience
  • Weekly journaling prompts to help you shift limiting beliefs & blocks
  • 1:1 help with any problems you're facing, through coaching clinics & Q&As
  • Guided meditations, visualisations and hypnosis audios
  • Expert sessions to help you develop your business

Please note: 
This is for you only if you're serious about leveling up your mindset and strengthening your business as a result.
I want you to make a commitment to yourself to go all-in and and engage with the prompts & posts - because when you do you'll get epic results.

More confidence, greater clarity and focus, more ease, more presence and joy in your personal life - these are just some of the wonderful benefits The 6FCC members have experienced.
We're all busy but as you can see, mindset is something that is SO worth making the time for.  It will come back to you a hundred times over! 

Sounds amazing!  How do I join?

Right now you can try us out FREE of charge until 31st December - it's all happening over in the Facebook group.
I want in