Secrets of a thriving mind by Abigail Rogers

Secrets of a thriving mind

Do you want to start taking action in your life to make it the best it can be, rather than being stuck with the same old problems?

Do you want to understand your mind and make it work FOR you, rather than against you?

Are you ready to get out of your own way and finally get ON your way to feeling good, happy and in control?

Find out more...

This powerful course was created as part of Thrive! membership and this really is the foundation of getting your mind in the right place to get over those blocks and achieve anything you want.

You’ll learn:

  • Why we have such internal battles between what we logically know is best for us and what we feel compelled to do
  • Why we respond emotionally rather than rationally and how to get back control
  • Why we get so hung up on things that hold us back
  • How to avoid getting sucked into negativity, obsession and worry
  • How to stay motivated and keep moving forward
  • What in your life is contributing to you feeling less in control than you'd like (with some surprises!)
  • How to really, properly de-stress and stop your emotions ruling your life
  • Why we develop negative thought patterns, behaviours, habits - and how to change them
  • The things you need to build in to your life to optimise your mental wellbeing & mindset to thrive

The course consists of 5 videos, each of around 20-30 minutes, plus 2 guided meditation, relaxation & hypnosis tracks.

In total the content is worth £85 - today it's just £39.

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos File Icon 2 files


One brain, 2 minds
25 mins
How stress sneaks in
28 mins
How to de-stress and regain control
26 mins
Habits, intrusive thoughts and behaviours
23 mins
The Cornerstones of a Thriving Mind
34 mins
Client relaxation, meditation & hypnosis
30 mins
The Coastal Path guided meditation
20 mins